Wind Wildlife Research Meeting

Hatchet Ridge, Pattern Energy

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November 15 – 17, 2022

The biennial Wind Wildlife Research Meeting provides an internationally recognized forum for researchers and stakeholders to share and engage on the latest science focused on better understanding the risk of wind energy to wildlife and developing solutions to avoid, minimize, and offset impacts. The meeting also brings together thought leaders to discuss priority topics and themes in the wind-wildlife arena. Academics, researchers, conservation scientists, consultants, federal and state officials, NGO representatives, industry professionals come together every other year for this unique opportunity.

Call for Abstracts

Download the full Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: Monday, June 6, 2022

General topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Assessing direct and indirect effects, at the individual, population, or community level, on wildlife and their habitats at land-based and offshore wind energy facilities
  • Evaluating novel approaches (e.g., conceptual, methodological, technological) to assessing, avoiding, minimizing, and mitigating impacts of wind energy on birds, bats, and other wildlife, including approaches from non-wind sectors as appropriate
  • Formulating effective compensatory mitigation options for offsetting effects to species from wind energy development and operation
  • Applying the results of research to implement effective and practicable solutions to wind-wildlife challenges
  • Considering the effects (negative and positive) of wind energy development on a landscape or regional ocean scale in the context of conservation efforts focused on resolving conflicts among multiple human activities and wildlife species

Submission Process:

Review the complete Call for Abstracts before beginning your submission.

To submit an abstract, visit and follow the instructions provided to submit abstracts. Once you’ve logged in, click “Submit Your Abstract Now” to get started.


Key Dates

  • June 6, 2022: Abstracts due
  • August-September 2022: Submitters notified of abstract selection or rejection
  • September 2022: Registration for 14th WWRM opens
  • Late September 2022: Draft agenda released

Volunteer to Review Abstracts

Abstract reviews are a critical component of the development of the meeting agenda. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and scored by experts. Reviewers will be asked to review 5-10 abstracts over the course of a month, beginning in late June. We are seeking volunteers with knowledge in all relevant fields, including wildlife ecology and conservation, animal behavior, statistics, GIS and habitat modeling, population ecology, and genetics.

Note: You may volunteer to review abstracts even if you have submitted an abstract for consideration. REWI will ensure you do not review your own abstract.


Disclaimer: REWI strives for excellence when organizing the agenda for the Wind Wildlife Research Meeting, and each abstract submission is peer-reviewed. However, authors represent their own work, and inclusion in the meeting program and proceedings does not imply endorsement of the study or results by REWI or others affiliated with the meeting. Much of the information presented in presentations is preliminary and should not be quoted or cited without permission from the authors.