Pooling Resources for Renewable Energy Wildlife Research and Solutions

The Renewable Energy Wildlife Research Fund is an industry-led initiative that advances scientific research on solutions to mitigate solar and wind-wildlife impacts as accelerating renewable energy meets clean energy demand.

The Fund supports independent, peer-reviewed research to:

  • Implement new, cutting-edge projects and high-impact results
  • Apply science-based solutions to address top priority solar and wind-wildlife challenges
  • Leverage investment and reduce costs for expanding responsibly sited and operated solar and wind energy

Renewable Energy Wildlife Research Fund Projects:

  • Enhancing Understanding of Bat and Bird Activities and Fatality Risk
  • Refining Smart Curtailment Practices for Bats
  • Refining Eagle Fatality Estimates and Informed Curtailment
  • Evaluating Habitat-Based Impacts for Grouse

Fund research project results on wind energy and grouse and bats are now available.

The Fund is developing and launching a solar research program in 2022. Details are coming soon!

Research Fund Partners & Friends

Partners and Friends commitment to supporting wildlife conservation and responsible renewable energy development through sound science and collaboration.

Learn More About the Research Fund

Contact Will Vesely, wvesely@rewi.org.