Pooling Resources for Renewable Energy Wildlife Research and Solutions

The Renewable Energy Wildlife Research Fund (REWRF) is an industry-led initiative that advances scientific research on solutions to mitigate solar and wind-wildlife impacts as accelerating renewable energy meets clean energy demand.

The Fund supports independent, peer-reviewed research to:

  • Implement new, cutting-edge projects and high-impact results
  • Apply science-based solutions to address top priority solar and wind-wildlife challenges
  • Leverage investment and reduce costs for expanding responsibly sited and operated solar and wind energy

Renewable Energy Wildlife Research Fund Projects:

  • Enhancing Understanding of Bat and Bird Activities and Fatality Risk at Wind Facilities
  • Refining Smart Curtailment Practices for Bats
  • Refining Eagle Fatality Estimates and Informed Curtailment
  • Evaluating Habitat-Based Impacts for Grouse
  • Identifying Potential Adverse Impacts and Benefits of PV Solar on Wildlife Habitat and Ecosystem Function

Fund research project results on wind energy and bats, eagles, and grouse are now available.

The Fund launched its first solar-wildlife projects in 2022.

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