Eagle Mitigation Models Update: Alternative Options for Offsetting Golden Eagle Take at Wind Energy Facilities

September 14, 2022

This webinar will explore and provide an update on the eagle lead model and eagle vehicle collision model. Both models estimate the mitigation credits for offsetting eagle take at wind energy facilities and provide alternative take mitigation options to power pole retrofitting. The lead model estimates the reduction in eagle mortality from decreasing lead ingestion by golden eagles during the big game hunting season. The vehicle collision model estimates the reduction in eagle mortality due to the removal of roadkill on which eagles feed, exposing them to vehicle strikes.


  • Taber Allison, REWI, Facilitator
  • James Gerber, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota
  • John Lloyd, REWI Contractor
  • Eric Lonsdorf, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Emory University
  • Carol Sanders-Reed, REWI Contractor
  • Steve Slater, HawkWatch International