Bat Behavior and Interactions with Wind Turbines

Mass. Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

December 14, 2021, 2:00-4:00 PM ET

Currently, there is limited information on bat behavioral responses to wind turbines and how these responses by species, landscape, habitat conditions, or wind facility or turbine characteristics. Research on bat interactions with wind turbines can improve technology-based approaches to minimizing bat mortality.

This webinar, hosted by AWWI and NREL, explored several research questions related to bat behavior near wind turbines and its implications for mitigating the impacts of wind energy on bats. The webinar included presentations and a facilitated Q&A from experts on bat behavior.


  • Hypotheses regarding bat attraction to wind turbines – Emma Guest, Texas State University
  • Sensory perception of wind turbines by bats across spatial scales – Amanda Adams, Bat Conservation International
  • BWEC bat behavior research goals at the wind turbine scale – Cris Hein, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Long-term surveillance of wind turbines with thermal cameras sheds new heat on bat behaviors – Paul Cryan, United States Geological Survey
  • The secret nightlife of bats: the ultimate flash mob – Sara Weaver, Bowman Consulting; Brogan Morton, Wildlife Imaging Systems
  • Leveraging intelligent thermal camera vision systems to track and study bat behaviors in and around wind turbines in real-time – John Yarbrough, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Miniature radio-frequency transmitter for environmental permitting and mitigation of wind energy – Daniel Deng, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory