Eagles & Wind Energy

Martha de Jong-Lantink, Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

REWI and collaborators are producing results to predict, minimize, and offset impacts from wind energy to eagles

Bald and golden eagles range over wide areas of the United States, including areas with existing wind facilities and prime areas for future development. Like all forms of energy production, wind energy can pose some risks to wildlife, including bald and golden eagles. Multiple federal laws prohibit take (killing, wounding, or disturbing) of eagles without a permit, and wind companies seek options to avoid, minimize, or offset any impacts.

Eagle take is generally rare at most wind facilities, but can still pose a risk to some populations depending on a facility’s location. Some wind energy facilities may be at risk of violating federal law due to the widespread range of eagles. REWI and collaborators are working toward solutions to maximize both wind energy operation and eagle conservation.

Tony Hisgett, Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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