Interview: Megan Goldsmith, Outreach & Engagement Manager

The Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute is thrilled to welcome one of our newest staff members: Megan Goldsmith, Outreach and Engagement Manager. Megan Goldsmith is the Outreach and Engagement Manager at REWI, where she brings her expertise from over a decade in corporate, education, and nonprofit sectors. Before joining the REWI team, Megan made significant contributions to the New England Water Environment Association as she spearheaded the establishment of a catalog of resources for water quality technology innovation and facilitated connections between tech developers and water municipalities. As REWI’s Outreach and Engagement Manager, Megan’s core responsibilities include supporting essential outreach and engagement activities, projects, initiatives, and events; coordinating stakeholder engagement; and assisting with strategy, project development, and fundraising. Megan holds a B.A. in Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies from Wellesley College. 


Julia Worcester, REWI’s Communications Manager, sat down with Megan to talk about the connections she sees between renewable energy and her previous work in water quality, as well as what she looks forward to learning about and working on at REWI.  


Julia Worcester: What attracted you to this position?  


Megan Goldsmith: I was deeply interested in exploring the renewable energy field. Having worked in water quality previously, I saw how important it was to improve the water-energy nexus for human and environmental health, and the overall push for clean and renewable energy is essential. I have experience performing outreach among various stakeholders, and I felt that the Outreach and Engagement position was a perfect fit for me. I was also intrigued by the uniqueness of REWI’s work and mission. I have not encountered many organizations in this specific renewable energy and wildlife space. That synergism resonated with me personally and professionally. 


JW: What experiences and skills from your time at the New England Water Environment Association are you excited to use at REWI?  


MG: At the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA), I oversaw the expansion of its Innovation Program by bringing innovation resources into the organization, including funding avenues, current university research, and understanding of novel water technology innovations. Most of NEWEA’s membership consists of clean water municipalities, and it was my task to help identify pain points and connect treatment plant leaders with startup founders that may offer solutions for them. I also facilitated event planning on innovation, such as pitch events, information sessions, webinars, and technology showcases. I am excited to apply my planning, facilitation, and outreach skills at REWI.  


JW: What are you looking forward to learning about in the world of renewable energy and wildlife?  


MG: I am eager to learn more about the most significant challenges at the intersection of renewable energy implementation and wildlife and wildlife habitat. I want to be part of identifying solutions to these challenges.  


JW: What are some of your hopes for REWI’s outreach & engagement program over the next few years? How would you like to see it grow? 


MG: My hope for the outreach and engagement program is to increase REWI’s reputation for being the ultimate resource for credible, peer-reviewed research on the interactions between renewable energy and wildlife and habitat. I would love to see REWI expand its outreach to a broader audience to help improve public awareness and perception of wind and solar energy as a solution to the growing impacts of climate change. 


JW: What do you like to do outside work? 


MG: I enjoy hiking, swimming, rock hounding, skiing, gardening, baking, playing board games, and reading. My favorite activity is traveling; I love to explore the diversity of the Earth’s natural and built environments.