AWWIC Data Contributor Guide

Welcome to the AWWIC Data Contributor Guide

Welcome! This page serves as a central repository for all documents, templates, and links for Data Contributors.

What Are the Advantages of Participating in AWWIC?

There are many direct and indirect advantages to a wind energy facility owner/operator serving as an AWWIC Data Contributor. Your company’s post-construction mortality monitoring (PCMM) data would improve the representation of the AWWIC database and would therefore increase the robustness and applicability of any analysis performed on these data. Should your company choose to become an AWWIC Data Contributor, some benefits of doing so would include but are not limited to:

  • Adding value to costly post-construction monitoring (PCM) by pooling data among many companies, yielding more objective, robust, and comprehensive risk analyses that prevent unnecessary mitigation regulations.
  • Publicly releasing objective, third-party data summaries of the most comprehensive analyses of collision risks to birds and bats for land-based wind in the U.S., while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity of its data sources.
  • Reducing operational risk by offering objective and statistically sound guidance to more accurately estimate take permit needs.
  • Informing the reallocation of monitoring costs away from costly and imprecise blanket approaches and towards more specific and efficacious conservation strategies.


What Does an AWWIC Data Contributor Do?

In addition to contributing post-construction fatality data, a Data Contributor may elect to participate more actively by attending webinars on AWWIC held throughout the year and by reading the reports produced from AWWIC’s analyses of contributed data. Such optional participation allows any given AWWIC Data Contributor to better leverage the insights and knowledge revealed from these pooled data sets and to promote desirable analyses. Key roles of a Data Contributor may include:

  • Complete and submit AWWIC Data Templates
  • Review AWWIC products to meet guidelines
  • Participate in AWWIC conference calls
  • Recommend future research priorities

  • Data Submission Templates

    To further explore what data are being collected, please review the following materials:

    • Intro to AWWIC Template Memo for Consultants: Captures and summarizes information about AWWIC post-construction database that would be relevant to third-party consultants hired by data contributor companies. Please feel free to share this Memo.
    • Data Template: (Updated 4/07/21) Blank template (.xlsx file) which will be populated with your organization’s PCMM data once membership as an AWWIC Data Contributor has been established.

    Thanks again for your interest in joining AWWIC as a Data Contributor! For more information about becoming a contributor, please email us at