AWWI Bat Issue Brief Now Available

Essential information about bats and wind energy is now at your fingertips thanks to this new brief from AWWI. Learn about bat species that occur in the U.S. and Canada (including two species that feed on nectar, not insects); bat interactions with wind turbines (three species of migratory tree-roosting bats, which forage for insects at altitudes that put them in the vicinity of rotating turbine blades, make up approximately 80% of all wind turbine-related fatalities); legislation protecting bats; what we know about reducing bat fatalities from collisions with wind turbines; and what the future holds, particularly as wind expands in the Southeastern U.S. and turbines operate at lower wind speeds.

This four-page brief also includes an at-a-glance table of bat species characteristics. Whether you come from a wind industry, conservation, scientific, policy, or other stakeholder perspective, you will find this to be a pertinent and valuable resource. Click here to read the full brief.