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On-Demand Content & Resource Library

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On-Demand Content

The virtual Solar Symposium will feature exclusive content beyond the live presentations, including over 60 on-demand presentations on the latest research on solar power and wildlife/natural resources!

The presentations share the latest science around priority solar-wildlife/natural resource topics including:

  • Evaluating impacts to wildlife and their habitats
    • Wildlife responses to solar arrays
    • Avian fatalities at solar facilities
    • Assessing population-level and cumulative impacts
    • Novel techniques to inform solar development siting & impact monitoring
  • Mitigating impacts to wildlife and their habitats
    • Siting tools and planning processes from around the United States
    • Siting, minimization, and offsets: Best management practices to identify and mitigate impacts
  • Land management & wildlife compatibility
    • “Pollinator-friendly” solar: Design, efficacy, and research needs
    • On-site management for wildlife compatibility
    • Co-locating solar & agriculture: Benefits, challenges, and economic/socioeconomic considerations
  • Solar life-cycle and natural resource considerations
    • Solar panel materials & end-of-life management
  • Multi-topic subject areas
    • Solar development & federal regulations
    • Floating solar PV systems


Resource Library

Registrants will have exclusive access to an online library featuring publications, resources, and links to relevant organizations.